Here are some other nice basketball charts I’ve created.

Tracking the imbalance between conferences” on Nylon Calculus

Balance of power -- All NBA Players -- CORRECTION



What does it take to become an NBA All-Star?” on The Step Back.



The Golden State Warriors had the best third quarter of the season” on The Step Back

Explosive quarters


Six players who have recently started to carry a heavier offensive load for their team.

Time of Possession Changes


The Tenochtitlan Triple-Double” on The Step Back.

Aztec Triple double - chart


The Warriors might be the most volatile team ever” on Nylon Calculus

GSW Volatility - Plot


VORP distribution for the Warriors and Blazers from 2008-09 to 2015-16; gray players have been traded or left via free agency prior to the 2016 Playoffs. Players with non-positive VORP are not shown. “The Warriors are a cresting wave” on Nylon Calculus.

5-4-16 VORP GSW POR from 2008-2016


A visual history of Game 7 results for the best teams in NBA history” on Nylon Calculus.



Seven-Feet High And Rising: What’s Next For KAT?” on Fansided.

7-ft High -- Career Arcs -- Summary Plot


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