To detail the history of All-Star fashion I looked up every ASG jersey of the past 40 years. The color schemes tend to shift around every five years or so and I tried to lay out an anthropology of fashion that could explain how we ended up with the black and white jerseys of 2018.

Inspired by Joel Embiid’s funky, futuristic goggled-mask look in the 2018 playoffs, I researched all the different types of masks that have been worn in an NBA game.

While I was at it, I examined the history of NBA goggles, too.

During his first season with the Golden State Warriors, I noticed Kevin Durant was wearing his shorts higher than ever before. I don’t know if he was actually wearing shorter shorts per se – I think maybe he was just wearing the same-sized shorts, but, higher on his waist. Either way, the result was that Durant’s legs were looking longer than they ever had before.

Short-shorts make long legs look longer, but, the opposite is also true: long-shorts make short legs look shorter.


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