Dance party

As part of their rookie-vet training regimen in Minnesota, Karl-Anthony Towns and Kevin Garnett do the kick-step to De La Soul’s “Me, Myself, & I.”


It’s a dance off…

Curry versus Harden Dueling Threes

Not dancing, strictly speaking, but still on theme: Commissioner Adam Silver passing on the “Be excellent to each other” philosophy of the Wyld Stallyns and playing his air guitar.

Adam Silver - Be Excellent to Each Other

Lil B is an enigmatic and subversive Bay Area MC whose songs are innovative and influential. Even if you never heard his oddball music, though, you would still probably recognize his role on the periphery of the NBA – he’s the guy who once put a hex on Kevin Durant. I wrote about the influence of his curses and blessings.

Here’s Elena Dell Donne going to war with the Washington Mystics.

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