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These are links to everything I’ve written about basketball.

For FiveThirtyEight:

JaVale McGee Is No Joke

NBA Teams Are Resting Players Earlier And Earlier

How The Milwaukee Bucks Brought Their Offense Into The 21st Century

Is Virginia Too Slow?

For The Athletic – Bay Area:

Explaining Stephen Curry’s extra trips to the free-throw line

The Warriors have revolutionized small ball, but are they really small?

How will Nick Young do with the Warriors?

For The Step Back:

My Personal NBA Top 50: How to Build the Best

The NBA’s White Elephants

The NBA Before-and-After Name Game

The Influential Curses and Blessings of the BasedGod

Joel Embiid’s Mask Is The First Of Its Kind

Modern Moves: Rajon Rondo’s Behind-the-Back Fake

A History of NBA All-Star Game Fashion

Bill and Ted’s excellent NBA MVP adventure

The Tenochtitlan Triple-Double

A complete history of jumping over things in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

The Golden State Warriors had the best third quarter of the season

What does it take to become an NBA All-Star?

Rudy Gobert And The All-NBA Body Parts Team

Why Charles Barkley Hates Jump-Shooting Teams

The 10 greatest mustaches in NBA history

Seven-Feet High And Rising: What’s Next For KAT?

How Free Agency Changed NBA Team Building

For Nylon Calculus:

Regression to the mean can even fool NBA coaches

Basketball’s optimal stopping problem

Optimizing NBA lineup fit

Reviewing the NBA trade deadline with an eye on recent trends

More lessons from NBA rebound tracking

More fun with NBA passing charts

Introducing triple-threat charts

Predicting injury recovery for Klay and Durant

Grouping players by offensive role, again

Did lottery reform actually curb tanking?

Tossing a wet blanket on the hot hand

Charting player passing lanes

Could the Warriors score 200 points in a game?

When does it pay to stagger your stars’ minutes?

A Thanksgiving meal for every NBA team

Defining 23 offensive roles using the NBA’s play-type data

What if each conference had its own MVP?

Why Aren’t You Using

When Can We Start Calling Somebody a ‘Future Hall of Famer’?

Color-mixing and Lineup Synergies

Did the Warriors Really Ruin the NBA?

Steve Kerr Coaches Like a Role Player

Looking for an NBA Defensive Player of the Year

The Evolution of Stephen Curry

Dispelling Playoff Myths

In Pursuit of the Divine Stat Line

A Thanksgiving Meal to Represent Every NBA Team

Harrison Barnes is an Iso Threat

Balancing the value of volume scoring with efficiency

Ranking the best and worst scorers in every offensive role

In search of the ideal talent distribution for an NBA roster

Charting the first week of NBA Free Agency

Remembering the first Superteam in NBA history

LeBron, Curry, and the mentality of missing

The Warriors might be the most volatile team ever

In defense of radar charts

Andre Iguodala is a throwback Sixth Man of the Year candidate

Golden State’s offense before and after All-Star Weekend

Tracking the imbalance between conferences

Stephen Curry, a case study in visualizing plus-minus

Warriors’ new defense is different, but still very good

Visualizing lineup rotations for the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant’s shooting has gone from good to great

The Golden State Warriors are heating up

Was Yao Ming’s career unusually short for a Hall of Fame inductee?

What if Michael Jordan had joined a super-team instead of the Wizards?

NBA Players at the Olympics

Russell Westbrook is fixin’ to win the MVP

Does Durant make the Warriors a better shooting team?

Harrison Barnes is getting paid

A visual history of Game 7 results for the best teams in NBA history

The NBA’s best closers

Patterns in All-NBA Team voting

The Warriors are a cresting wave

Steve Kerr: Lineup Wizard

Marreese Speights: Newest member of The Splash Family Tree

Why last year’s Golden State Warriors are the best analog for the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

Stephen Curry, the Most Improved, Most Valuable Player in NBA History?

For Nightingale: The Journal of the Data Visualization Society:

Injuries and rest in basketball

For Vice Sports:

We Did the Math: Not Even Alien Invasions Will Keep Golden State from 60 Wins

Is This the Worst USA Basketball Team of the NBA’s Olympic Era?

The Warriors Have Been Lucky with Injuries

How Close did the Warriors get to the Best NBA Season Ever?


Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolves?

For Hardwood Paroxysm:

Ghostwriting E-40’s next Warriors verse

For Fansided:

Harrison Barnes is an iso threat

Is There Home-Field Advantage At The Summer Olympics?