I like to combine graphic art, basketball stats, and a bit of humor to create unique infographics. Below are a few examples.

Slam Dunk Contest History

I created this catalog of the complete history of jumping over things in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest for The Step Back.  I was inspired by the frenzy of dunkers jumping over things in the 2017 contest, so

I watched every slam dunk in Slam Dunk Contest history and charted everything (top) and everybody (bottom) that dunkers have jumped.

Since the inaugural NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1984 there have been 35 successful dunks in which the dunker jumped over something or someone, including seven perfect-50s and some of the most memorable dunks in the history of the Slam Dunk Contest.

the things they jumped -- timeline final

The Value of HB

I detailed the free-agent market for small forwards in the summer of 2016 for Nylon Calculus in my story “Harrison Barnes is Getting Paid.”  The Warriors had the ability to offer Barnes a max contract of $127.3 million over five years (for an average of $25+ million per year).

Um, that’s one-eighth of a BILLION dollars.

Here are some other uses for that kind of moola.


Career Arcs of Elite Rookies

I tried to imagine the possible trajectory of Karl-Anthony Towns’ career following his fantastic rookie campaign in my story “Seven-feet High and Rising: What’s Next For KAT?” on Fansided. His debut was among the Top 1% of rookie seasons (by VORP) and breakout rookies like him have had a disproportionate amount of success in the NBA.


The Deterioration of USA Basketball

Leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics I wondered “Is This the Worst USA Basketball Team of the NBA’s Olympic Era?” in an article I wrote for Vice Sports.

In the infographic below, the flag has a white block for every All-NBA selection, a red block for every All-Star Game appearance, and a white star for every MVP award that a Dream Team member earned prior to the 1992 Olympics,


as compared to the 2016 iteration of Team USA.




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