I use variable-width bar and column charts to visualize NBA play-type data. I plot the percent of possessions used on each type of play (i.e., the “frequency”) as one dimension of the block and I plot the points per possession (i.e., “PPP”) on the other.

I used this chart to compare and contrast Kevin Durant’s scoring in 2015-16 versus in 2016-17 for my story “Kevin Durant’s shooting has gone from good to great” on Nylon Calculus.


Next, I looked at how the Warriors tend to use the most efficient types of scoring plays in “Golden State’s offense before and after All-Star Weekend” on Nylon Calculus.

GSW Play Types -- Plot -- mixup resolved

Finally, I plotted six players who all scored exactly one point per possession in 2016-17 in my story “Ranking the best and worst scorers in every offensive role” on Nylon Calculus:

James Harden,

05 Ranking scorers by role - James Harden

Troy Daniels,

06 Ranking scorers by role - Troy Daniels

Jonas Jerebko,

07 Ranking scorers by role - Jonas Jerebko

Harrison Barnes,

08 Ranking scorers by role - Harrison Barnes

Marc Gasol,

09 Ranking scorers by role - Marc Gasol

and Tarik Black.

10 Ranking scorers by role - Tarik Black

Watch how James Harden’s blocks of points can rearrange themselves into a Tarik Black’s scoring profile – both scored 1.0 points per possession in 2016-17.

James Harden - Tarik Black - 1PPP


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