Stephen Curry celebrates making lots of three-point shots.

But, he won’t be the first!

After draining 260 three-pointers in 55 games, Stephen Curry is fast approaching his own single-season record of 286 three-pointers made.  At his current rate of 4.9 threes per game, Steph might hit 132 more triples in his last 27 contests of the season, to finish with 392 on the year.  Increasing his own single-season record from 286 to 392 would represent an increase of 37%.

Surprisingly, a 37% increase wouldn’t be the biggest year-to-year change in the single-season three-point record in NBA history.  Since Brian Taylor set the pace for threes in 1979-80 (90 3s), nine players have broken the three-point shooting record.  Two others made comparable increases in the record: Dennis Scott (50 more 3s, 23% increase) and Danny Ainge (56 more 3s, 61%).

Single Season 3-pt Record Holders

3-pt record holders

Interestingly, whereas Dennis Scott held the record for an entire decade, Danny Ainge was dethroned immediately.  I wonder how long Steph will be the top 3-pt dog?

[Stats provided by Basketball Reference]


  1. Mayo Conway says:

    It’s hard to believe John Starks held the record for the most 3s in a single season! Equally surprising to me is Reggie never held the record. I like that bar chart!!!


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